Bohemia The Life of a New York City Poet

If you are reading this you are searching for a film based on poetry. Bohemia The Life of a New York City Poet is a documentary film based on poetry.

In this movie poets from New York City read their poetry in various locations. After that the poets of New York talk about their lives. The greatest thing about this film based on poetry is that the poets from New York City who were interviewed all express in their own unique way why they write what they write. In this film based on poetry the poets also talk about how important it is that they write their poetry.

The cast of subjects for this documentary on poetry is very vast and diverse. Poets of all ages, races, creeds and sexual orientations read their poetry in this film. The poets in this movie, Bohemia The Life of a New York City Poet read their poetry that focuses on love, anger, sadness, street life, loss, depression, police brutality, social justice issues, sexuality, spirituality and so much more.

The New York poets in this film read very powerful poetry. The verses of the poems they read in the documentary are very deep. The poets are interviewed and they explain their poem to the audience. The poets in this movie also explain why writing is important and powerful. The New York poets¬†in this movie explain how horrible life would be if they didn’t write their emotions to poetry in order to channel negative energy. In this film the poets display through their poetry their hardships of life.


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