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Bohemia Poetry Documentary


Bohemia Poetry – Poems from one who lives an unsettled life documented on film.

The tone of the documentary, Bohemia: The Life of a New York City Poet:

poetry It was the year 2008 and things were taking its toll on the people of New York City.

The war in Iraq, the war in Afghanistan, the beginning of a police brutality crisis igniting with death of Sean Bell, the beginning of an economic crisis, the muscular flex of gentrification, and much more that plagued the society causing a depression of the minds and a panic of the overall public.

Through the years people lived through the social ills. Some protested, some complained, some voted; they did many things to contest their current situation.

However, the artists spoke out against these social ills through their creativity.

As life dealt the people a bad hand the poets of the New York City Community spoke up and spoke out against it all. Emphasizing on their life stories and current situations; Bohemia: The Life of a New York City Poet documented this time through filming some of the many poets who ran the streets painting their creativity through the New York City open mic scene and poetry circuits.

These were your every day artists and most extraordinary artists who graced the stages of: The Bowery Poetry Club, The Nuyorikan Café, The Hydrogen Jukebox, The Back Fence, Kairos Poetry Café, Nomads Choir and many other venues in the New York area.

Many of these venues are nonexistent now and some of these poets are no longer here with us as some poets who were documented in this film have died and have been imprisoned.

Bohemia: The Life of a New York City Poet documents a time that will never come back. It is a documentary film on poetry that signifies a milestone in our culture.


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Mother of autistic child poem

Mother of autistic child poem written by a mother of a child who has autism.

Being a mother of an autistic child is like being a soldier in a war. The best weapon for a mother in this kind of war is poetry. 

This page has a very inspiring poem about autism.

A mother feels joy when she thinks of her child regardless of whether that child is healthy or not. However, being the parent of a child with a disability such as autism or any disability for that matter makes you feel unique in a really negative way. Although you know there are many who endure the same situation as you do, many times you feel all alone. Parents wonder: why me, why my child? When you are in a surrounding with other parents and their children, the feeling of being an outcast always occurs in the mind of a parent.

Sandy Rochelle uses poetry as a way of dealing with the demanding life of a mother with an autistic child. In her poetry she also expresses her emotions and feelings that occur in a mother who has an autistic child. She uses poetry as a way to channel the pain that a mother can feel when being the parent of an autistic child.

In Bohemia the Life of a New York City Poet, Sandy Rochelle reads her poems about being a mother of an autistic child. Her poems on being a mother of an autistic child describe the feelings of alienation that happen when the normal children and their parents stay away from her as if she was cursed. In another poem, Sandy touches on the way society looks at her when she is with her autistic son David. In the poem, she also expressed her worry of what will happen to her son when she passes away, a very common worry of parents who have a child with a disability.

Listen to the audio of the spoken word version of this poem written by a mother who copes with taking care of her son with Autism below:


Transcript of above audio from the movie – BOHEMIA THE LIFE OF A NEW YORK CITY POET below: In the scene of the movie Sandy says: “This first poem is called, two mothers all alone in a sand box. When David was little, David and I went to a park, we did almost every day, and the mothers of particularly normally functioning children did not want to spend any time with us. So, David and I went in to the sand box by ourselves and in there we saw another mother with a lovely little boy also named David, a beautiful little red headed boy and as I got closer to this child I realize that he is without arms. The mother had taken off his shoes and socks and was pouring sand in a cup and then pouring the sand on his feet, and this is called “two mothers all alone in a sand box. “

Poem Title: Two Mothers All Alone in a Sandbox by Sandy Rochelle

We sit together, unidentified allies; two mothers in a sand box, she with a child missing arms and me with you different in your own way. We understand each other, she and I, but we speak only of inconsequential things, trying to mislead God in to thinking that we no longer mind. We are cast alone away from the chosen, silently becoming children ourselves. Listeners of the wind, friends of no one, sitting silently in a circle sifting sand, survivors in an undeclared war.

Poem Title: Safari Hunters by Sandy Rochelle

You riding on an elephant with me, uncertain, but accepting of this offer to ride this strange and huge trunked creature. You accept this challenge as you have all others. We were meant to ride together high above the crowd. People look at us, they admire us, and they know we are different, they cannot be like us, safari hunters, proud. On what elephants will you ride after I am gone?

These are great poems about raising a child.

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